Hello, this is Foivos speaking.

My grandfather, Michalis, gave my name to his butcher’s shop because both myself and the shop came to being more or less on the same date, in October 2010.

Our shop is not very big but it carries proudly more than 50 years of butchery craft.

Grandpa started young, setting the pace for  contemporary and traditional meat cuts of the finest meats in his first shop back in the 70s. He also set to create his own recipes for delicious meat products, such as sausages, burger and gyros.

High quality meat and excellent service won us many loyal customers. We grew into a meat processing unit serving wholesale clients with the finest selection of fresh and frozen meat produce. Hilton Astir Palace was one of many large catering clients, restaurants and hotels.

Our meat processing factory was the highlight of our journey, not least because grandpa trained many young people in his craft.

Today our shop has at its core the most skilled and talented butchers that had firstly joined us in our meat processing unit and decided to stay on. With grandpa as a teacher rather than a boss, they make our local shop shine; responsive and attentive to our customers specific needs in a way that is not possible for a large supermarket or chain.

In our shop you will find the full range of beef and veal, pork, lamb, poultry and game as well as our own products including sausages, souvlaki skewers and burgers.

We hold a prized selection of Greek reared meats as well as specialised breeds such as Black Angus and Wagyu

I hope I’ve whet your appetite. Let’s get cooking,


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